Caskets & Alternative Containers

We offer many different styles and prices of caskets from which to select. Many caskets that appear similar in appearance may differ greatly in quality and construction. We offer the following to assist you in making an informed decision.


There is no scientific or other evidence that any casket
with a sealing device will preserve human remains


PROTECTIVE: These caskets are designed by the manufacturers to resist the entrance of air, water, and other outside elements, and are constructed of varying gauges of steel, copper, and bronze.


NON-PROTECTIVE: These caskets are not designed by the manufacturer to resist the entrance of outside elements, and may be constructed of hardwood, or wood products covered with fabric. A complete list will be provided at the Funeral Home.


If you want to arrange direct cremation, you can use an unfinished wood box, or an alternative container which can be made of materials like heavy cardboard or composition materials (with or without outside covering).


Casket and Alternative Container Price Ranges:


Adult Caskets: $725.00 - $8,000.00


Infant/Children’s Caskets:  $160.00 - $2,556.00 (and by special order)


Cremation Caskets: $725.00 - $4,295.00


Alternative Containers: $75.00 - $1350.00 (and by special order)


For more information about a particular model, please call us at (650) 968-4453.


Solid Bronze &
Solid Copper Caskets

Manufactured and tested to be completely resistant to the entrance of air and water, bronze and copper caskets combine lasting protection and beauty. Many families choose bronze or copper because it is superior to all other casket materials in strength, durability and naturally non-rusting qualities.

Premium Weight
Steel Caskets

All of our heavy weight steel caskets are protective and designed to temporarily resist the entrance of air and water. Constructed from solid 16 gauge steel, they combine lasting protection and striking beauty and are available in a variety of exterior and interior colors and finishes.

Standard Weight
Steel Caskets

Standard weight steel caskets are manufactured from the high quality 18 gauge steel, and are designed to temporarily resist the entrance of outside elements. They are available in a variety of price ranges and color choice and provide for the largest selection in high quality metal caskets.

Light Weight
Steel Caskets

Manufactured from either 19 or 20 gauge steel, light weight steel caskets are a popular choice for many of our families. Some of these caskets are designed to resist the entrance of outside elements and are offered in a variety of color options.

Solid Hardwood Caskets

Using the same craftsmanship are skilled cabinetmakers, our solid wood caskets are manufactured using the highest quality species of mahogany, walnut, cherry, maple, oak, poplar and pine. The warmth and beauty of solid wood caskets are unsurpassed . These caskets are the selected by those families who appreciate the qualities of fine hardwoods.

Wood Veneer &
Cremation Casket

For those families who desire the look of solid wood but need to be more economical, we offer a variety of select hardwood veneer caskets. These caskets are suitable for burial or maybe used for those families incorporating a traditional service with a cremation. We offer several rental caskets in this category as well.

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